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Our Story


Sheep (also know as Wooly Weeders) are natures lawn mowers. They love to eat the grass, weeds and plants that grow as a cover crop between the vines. Sheep help eliminate the need for chemical weed killers that have been linked to disease in humans and animals, as well as herbicides and fertilizers in the vineyard. They also help to reduce the number of tractor passes needed to take care of weeds with the built-in fertilizer they put back into the vineyard through their waste. As an added bonus, the stimulation of sheep's hooves in the dirt helps build microflora in the soil which promotes eco-diversity and healthier vineyard. 

In an effort to continually improve our sustainable vineyard practices, we brought the Wooly Weeders into our vineyard for the first time in spring of 2022, and we were not dissapointed! Not only did they happily do the job they were hired to do, they are so darn cute and fun to watch. 


Sheep in the Vineyards
Sheep in the Vineyards