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Solar Energy

Solar Energy

      In August of 2006, we threw the switch on our photovoltaic system (our electricity farm, as we like to call it). It consists of 819 Sanyo 200-watt modules that are mounted on the ground and generates enough power to run the winery, including cooling and bottling.

      We are saving over $42,000 a year in electric bills, and best of all, over the next thirty years, we will prevent the emission of over 7,500,000 pounds of carbon dioxide -- the equivalent of planting more than 34 acres of carbon dioxide-absorbing trees.

      With financing, rebates and tax credits, we actually improve our cash flow, so not only are we helping the environment, we are saving money. This allows us to do well while doing good, something we continually strive for. If you want to learn more about our system and the folks who installed it, feel free to contact us directly or contact Sunlightelectric of San Francisco, who designed and implemented it.
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