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To Blog or not to Blog?
Managing social media for a small family winery can be challenging. Do you Facebook? Yelp? Tweet?? The answer is yes, you do it all, whether you want to or not. But for us the bigger question was whether or not to write a blog. When we first put up our website, we knew for sure that we HAD to have a blog. All the winery websites had a blog, and we didn't want to be left out of the mix. So we had a dedicated person writing our blog, but didn't get much blog traffic. Then we switched to many people writing the blog, and still no blog traffic. What were we doing wrong?

A blog is a web log. It was created as a means for an individual to express their opinion on relevant topics (or sometimes irrelevant topics) about which they felt they had knowledge. The wine blogs with the most followers tend to be written by well known wine experts and focus on wine, as well as wine industry issues. So did we want to try to write another "wine expert" blog that no one would read? Didn't seem like a good use of our resources. So we took our blog off our website, and focused on our other social media outlets. But the blog was still out there, lurking in the background.

We've been pretty successful with Facebook - we have lots of fans who interact with us on a daily basis. We also have loads of followers on Twitter. So we know that there are people out there who are interested in what goes on here at Honig. But not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter. How do we reach the people who just visit our website?

Eureka! What if we write a blog that, instead of focusing just on wine, keeps readers in the loop about the fun stuff that goes on behind the scenes at our winery?

Introducing the new, improved, (and we hope interesting) Honig blog. We won't be writing daily, or even weekly, but probably more like twice a month (or when we have something interesting to share). We'll give you the low down on our events, food and wine pairings, harvest updates, and more. And you'll have the chance to comment back to us if you'd like.

Stay tuned for our first installment, which will be up soon. And thanks for being a Honig fan. Life wouldn't be the same without you!
Post By:   Regina Weinstein
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